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Let's be honest, life is not easy.

Hearts get broken. Food makes you fat. People disappoint you. Traumatic things happen. Your body gives up. Money runs out. And grief holds no favorites.

But wow... life can also be pretty freaking fantastic! Fresh starts. New beginnings. Good food. Great people. Love. Laughter. Hugs. Furry friends. Twinkle lights. Music. Chocolate. Sand between your toes. Healing. Hope.


This is your life. You only get one shot. Isn't there a part of you, even if it got buried deep down inside, that wants to shed the bullsh*t? To come clean. To be honest. To just tell it like it is- no matter how crazy or f*cked up? Don't you owe it to yourself to step into that magic & Feel the Reals 

photo credit: Renee Hetrick

Welcome to the community <3

Meet The Team



Writer, Author, Speaker

This is me. Big heart. Big dreams.
This is my first step in getting my face
& my voice out into this big beautiful world.
And boy, do I have a lot to say and share!


Baby RIP 5.28.21

My Muse.


Let's face it, unless I leave my house,
he is my writing partner glued to my side, trying to get between me & my laptop.

Oh, how 
I miss this boy <3

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